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Originally Posted by shoezy View Post
hi, can i ask how long were u in the line (as an insurance agent) and why u left? i am a fresh non-local uni grad currently undecided between whether to join the insurance agent line or find a regular 9-5 job…
I left voluntarily due to office politics. Another common reason people leave is due to not meeting quota requirement. It's like courtship, haha. Before joining, alot of good words and promises given but once you "stepped into the pirate ship", things changed.

Things like reporting to office on a daily basis, attending unnecessary trainings/sharing which are simply "paper talks" but nothing useful learnt, or meetings imposed by your managers. The best part, all these additional time wasting events are not part of MAS or company's requirements and make to things worse, managers in my ex-agencies can't see eye to eye themselves.

The time spent on those training/meeting/sharing or travelling to office could have been better utilized for prospecting, or more useful via on the ground practical training by the managers through demonstration. However, most managers are simply lazy to do so. Despite raising opinions seeral times, most rather stay in air-con rooms putting on a 'show' that they have 'fulfill' their duties as leaders through talking. Some are even worse, do not even bother about their agents after recruiting them.

Sad to say, I did not have the luck to meet good leaders during my 3 years even after changing company once, where the same things happen after the honeymoon period.
It depends on your luck as every agency culture is different. Both agencies I joined are leaded by old timers, in the industry for almost 20years where the culture has never changed throughout the years according the my seniors back then.

Even as 9-5 employees, office politics happen. As an employee, I may endure for the sake of money but as an agent, the leaders override and earn from my commissions yet make life difficult. Disillusioned and deciding I had enough, it's better to leave for the long term.

The good things are the broader network & knowledge due to many people you will meet, from the very poor to the rich, and the sales experience that will help you to read others & carry yourself better, and lesser chance of being conned due to your limited financial knowledge.

I know of many senior agents who think the same way but dare not leave due to family comittments and afraid of not able to find a job or pay cut after staying too long in the insurance line. Therefore, consider carefully what you want. There are also cases of people joining as part-timer but are 'forced' by their leaders to commit more time and eventually choose to decide between day job or insurance. You can email to [email protected] if you like further advice.
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