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Originally Posted by poor and stupid View Post
The thing about reference checks are:

Even you kenna caught... then what?

The reference check are usually at the mid stage of interview, means they like you liao, they may still hire you and use this to press lower pay.

Ar bo at most get kick out of interview and black listed from the company lor.

What else they do..?

...Report police meh? Really?!?!?! Then the whole thing goes out of proportion liao, not nice for both parties even though lying is outright wrong and cb.

I would not suggest anyone to actually fake references, but I would have to logically agree that it is advantageous to do so.

So you honest engineers out there, DUN FAKE REFERENCES hor

Trust me I am an "Engineer"
i just got hired by a us mnc, yes they did. they engage 3rd party to do a background check. inform your referee first before you declare and sign the document.
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