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Originally Posted by Henney View Post
I'm just slightly above average type, and i'm contemplating if I should be a servant for the nation. haha because if you're not 1st class or at least 2nd upper as a civil servant, getting a promotion is like getting a windfall.
Depends on your ambition.

If you are $$ driven, better not as CS can disillusion people fast given their slow slow tortoise slow progression for farmers.

While 1st class and 2nd upper can net you promo faster, it also depends on performance and there are people with no honors being promo if they are 'hard working' (subject to interpretation) and well liked (carry balls). I know a case where buying chicken rice for the boss often really gave someone a leg up the ladder (combining hard work [knowing to buy favorite chicken rice] and being well liked [buy lunch for boss]).
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