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I attend LTA interview in May with the director of the dept. Only 1 to 1 interview, no HR personnel.

It was an informal interview.

Common question:
-why you left previous company, job scope of previous company....etc
-he ask you what did you know about the position you applied....
-then he chit-chat with me on other transport topic on the future technology on transportation......
-he even talk about his hobby like very into "feng shui" stuff....

2weeks later, and no call from the HR mean I am not selected for the "formal" interview...

by the way do you know the starting pay for fresh degree grad this year 2012 for engineer?
1st class with NS= ?
2 upper with NS= ?
2 lower with NS= ?
any ideas??

I only know that in 2007, fresh degree 2nd lower mechanical engineer with NS getting 2.9k

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