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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
2k starting pay for executive even for local bank like DBS is a joke. You are getting short changed big time. Most MNCs are offering at least 3.4k for an executive.

For the 3 local banks, fresh grads will either go in on the MA track at 4.8-5.2k or normal track at 3.4-3.8k. Either you really CMI or they are offering you a diploma job.
Lol dude, I've already said "no" in my previous post. I'm simply asking for info out of curiousity, not that I'm an executive. And FYI, bank teller (service executive) earns around 2k+-. These jobs are mostly "O", "A" level and Diploma level, and the pay is definitely accurate. Please try to understand what I'm referring to. Lol, your executive positions are different from BE. Position and appointment are different things. Position is the current rank you are holding while appointment is such as service officer and relationship manager. For example, relationship manager is an AVP. Most probably you are referring to at least Analyst, for the amount you mentioned. You don't sound like you're in Banking sector though. Pardon me if I've mistaken your words.

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