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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Analyst - 1 yr - 4000 to 5000
Associate - 2 yr - 4800 to 8000
AVP - 2yr - 8000 to 13000
VP - 5yr - 13000 - 29000
SVP - ?? - 25000 - 52000
MD - ?? - >60000

Hi, thx for your info. However, it is highly unreliable if you referring to local banks. Analyst won't be able get 4k and above in DBS. The pay range for each position is too wide. If you are saying 5 years experienced analyst, it may be the case. But usually such experienced person would have promoted to associate. Unless you are referring to big foreign banks, I doubt this is the norm for local banks.

Nevertheless, I appreciated your reply. I still wish to get a more accurate answer from someone who works or used to work in local banks.
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