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But they do complain. All the time. Best way is to sack some of the under performing buggers to wake up their ideas.

They probably learn from the ministers in wanting to peg their salaries to the top earners in the private sector, not realizing that they can't even get a private sector job in the first place (other than being a dishwasher).
i notice those who complain most are the uni & poly grads, esp those on div 1, MX, GEO scheme etc

many mid 30s public sector people already making 5k+ with a stable job, no retrenchment, at least 2mth bonus, 9-6 job and SOP no need to use brains. as long as they dont screw up bt, confirm chop guarantee can retire with at least 8k salary. i really dont know why so many of them keep complain & complain like no tomorrow.
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