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Hi, so I've been doing some reading on this forum, and understand that an engineering job wnt get you as good money as those in finance industry, except for the top few of course. Of course i read all the insightful posts only for reference. Here's my humble opinion. Please do give advice as i am still in army with not much working experience.

I'm not really thinking abt business or accountancy degrees coz i still see engineering as a specialized degree that provides a relatively more stable job to fall back on. unlike business grads who cnt go into engineering when economy goes south, i always can go back to a stable job in engineering if finance industry doesn't treat me well. 1 thing to add. If i can get a higher paying job in finance industry of course it would be better, but I will be satisfied with a simple life that engineering jobs can provide.

I'm about to study chem engine next yr, and i must admit i foresee myself as an average grade student at best since majority all are straight A students in JC. 2nd class honours would be good enough for me. therefore i'm thinking whether shld i change to Industrial System Engineering, providing easier access to finance industry, and versatility. No matter which course, I will still source for jobs in finance industry first, oil and gas, then other engineering jobs. but what are the jobs that a chem engineer grads or industrial systems engineering grads get in the finance industry? and how high up can they go if they venture into an industry away from what they have been studying?

Some say engineering grads are highly valued for their problem solving, analytical skills and all, in positions of higher management in any company. (not dreaming big. but long term career goal. where i hope to see myself 20 to 30 yrs down the road.) How true is it?
Your plan is not realistic. Study chemical engineering only if you have interest, otherwise you will end up without honors or 3rd class. Chances of chem engineers joining finance FO is very low, dont waste time.

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