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This thread is making my saliva drip. I work 3 yrs in private sector and quit few months back. Now apply many jobs through Sad to say no reply so far.

Can't take it in private sector, lots of FT which depress my pay severely. I'm a local NTU grad, 2nd upper with NS. gets 3k in private after working for 3 yrs, 3 annual increment. AWS is fixed and PB around 1.5 mths.

My pay after 3 yrs can't even match starting pay of a pass degree in public sector. It hurts when I see how people complain about their pay as a civil servant.

Keep checking my application status, only 2 is 'in progress', the rest 'submitted'. Is it possible for HR to call even when status is 'submitted'? I'm at a loss now.

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