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to all prior postings, you have all spoke my mind. I'd like to extend the same argument to broader sense in a capitalist society. The theory applies to health, education, social stability. Rich are not necessarily do well in all aspects of life, but, the have far better opportunity to do so. In my opinion, there's however, a value where the rich and not-so-rich can cultivate better - FAMILY VALUES.

I feel family values is the underlying mechanism towards achieving all others. One doesn't have to be rich, or have plenty of spare times, or have an affordably a non-working parent to cultivate family values. This is almost an equal opportunity across families from all social status. The poor can have a good family values, while, the rich can have a poor family values. Cultivating family value is almost free, but, it comes with price of PRIDE and DETERMINATION which are also free.

So, of course, for the sake of better future generations - we, who live in the current society shapes the future society. Take social status aside, focus on family value and upbringging is the key for better future.

Don't worry about whether scholarship goes to those living in HDB or bangalow.
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