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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
only IPS7 and already mid 40s. FML, everyday thinking to leave.

It's found on page 32.

Life is never fair & it's difficult to accept.
Some pretty & boss like.
Some good at lies & boss believes
Some good at boot licking & boss favors.
Some are just lucky & boss promotes.
Some have bunch of excuses & reasons & boss is accepts.
Some really damn smart & boss promotes.
Some just helicopter or parachutes as Assistant Director or Director level.

The Poly & ITE should review on the salary schemes of those who are more than 10 years.
Talented and hardworking people are leaving because of the above.
GovTech are paying some much higher. what's going on??!
if you are at the top of ips7a, then its 7400 no?

still higher than entry level mgr mah

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