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Wah chill chill I can feel a bit of angst in this text. Guess auditors like to ask for sources. Haha. I'm not an acca grad, and neither do I support this nor the scaq thingy. Sorry if I sounded like helping to promote this here, but its not. I felt its not entirely fair to those graduated from local uni with the mra for cpa aust. That's why my original post supposed to be a bit sarcastic. Anyway these are just my opinion.

As for the acca part, may be if you dig dig some posts in Isca ig, there were acca grad asking in comment when will acca get rma/mra. Isca would reply and say something like wait, we have some good news by end of this year. If you are in official Telegram chat if isca scaq, maybe do a search "acca", someone asked the same thing and got the same reply. Cheers! Friday soon! 🙂
You don't support RMA or MRA because you feel MRA and RMA is unfair to local uni graduate.


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