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Hahaha chill bro. Don't worry la. Thot ISCA alrdy say will have gd news for acca grad this year? MRA also good ah, better than dun have leh. Look at those AAA or AAB or AAC local uni grads that have no exemptions or at most 1 exemption for Tax paper. These ppl pushed themselves hard into uni instead of supporting cpa aus which was perceived to be less prestigious back then. Now end up have the shorter end of the stick if they are still staying in this industry. So they not only don't vote PAP sia, may be leave the country and migrate to bolehland liao ah?

Lame lah. Local uni grads got so many career options to choose from. If the local uni grads join big4, they only utilise the audit, tax, financial reporting modules they learnt in big4 lor... They can join bank or public sector too.

Audit job is too easy for them.

Whereas ACCA members like us have no choice but to stay in audit or accounting line leh....Cause ACCA members like us will resign from audit and join accounting if we cannot get our ISCA CA to become ACRA PA

RMA is very common mah

ISCA signed RMA and MRA many years


2004: Mutual Recognition Agreement with CPA Australia
The Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between ICPAS and CPA Australia was signed in 2004, offering ICPAS Professional Examinations graduates access to foreign membership.

2005: Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Second MRA with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) signed.

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