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Yes, I was educated and trained there. Can you elaborate why you feel SG may be a good place for a foreign trained to work?

Are you able to speak about the academic environment and its hierarchy (or lackthereof)?
SG values foreign experience. SG wants to have different views and learn different ways of doing things. Having foreign experience is a big plus for most doctors who go to Singapore to work. They are often consulted on ideas to improve and do things better. You will be very highly regarded.

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Most of the world rewards hard work, but not many offers the infrastructure and safety that Singapore does. Without getting political, COVID-19 and the post-COVID changes have made us rethink what is valuable in our lives.

On our recent visits, we really enjoyed how often friends and colleagues would meet up for dinner and other social activities after work. That happens quite rarely here, as most can't wait to get home and retire for the night (even those without children). But then again, it might be because we were only there on short trips so friends made an exception to make time for us.
Singapore's infrastructure and safety is unparalleled. You will love Singapore.

Singaporeans have one of the best work life balance in the world. Many do meet up with friends and colleagues after work for both business and pleasure. Work is very low stress in Singapore. So in the evenings there is still a lot of energy and time to do more. Singapore also has foreign domestic workers which are very affordable who will do all of the housekeeping for you. They also do childcare in your own home. You are making a very wise decision to move to Singapore from the USA.
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