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Originally Posted by miwashi View Post
I quit my job at a stat board recently and on my last day I was not given my final paycheck and leaving cert.

My last email received from their HR said my final payment would be in the form of a cheque given on the last day. Called HR about it and was told it slipped through and they would try to get the finance people to directly pay me through GIRO.

The second slip-up, I thought, was the leaving cert, since I was not given one after the exit interview.

But when I called back, I was told that I am 'not entitled to a leaving certificate/certificate of service' since I am a D grader for performance.

Is this normal for D graders? And I only got a D grade in my 6th year; for my 5 previous years I got a performance bonus every year, so why do they only see the final year?
D grade is so rare, you must have really screwed it up at NEA badly.

So what's your new job?

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