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May I know your age ? Which dept u will be posted ?
Went for interview recently at FELS...interviewer keep remind me of the long working hours and want me be sure the tough job ahead. He speak nicely. Saw a number of white attire FELS at lobby who are pretty young, under 30yrs old. I'm under 35. Although I not sure can tahan or not but I will like to try for at least 2 yrs or more if the satisfaction level is very high and bonus very good
I would suggest you think twice before jumping. They are well-known for low balling mid careers because of the so called high bonus and most O&M jobs are pretty physically demanding over long hours.

You are already mid 30s, why take on a job meant for youngsters who just start out their career? If you go in with a low pay of say 5k and stay for few years buay tahan, you will fall even further behind your peers.

By that time already late 30s & still stuck at a 5k+ job with all sorts of medical trouble due to hard labour, not a good way to build your career...
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