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Originally Posted by susukl View Post
Im working in a insurance industry
tho my company give me a position of admin but i was asked to actually do executive duties and even sign off as 1 because i have the proper qualification.
I even have a namecard as Client Servicing Exe

i am a diploma holder, and have work in the company(SME) for close to 2 years.
now my salary after this year revision is only 2k.

I will be talking to my management regarding my salary tmr, but will need some help on how much i should really be getting.

Hope to look for some advise and guideline here...
Signing off on a few silly documents doesn't make you an "executive"... it makes you a scapegoat if things go wrong cos you were the one who signed off on it...

And you can print whatever you like on your namecard thesedays... You can title yourself as CEO.. nobody will really give a damn really... What matters is how much you earn...

you have to slide back to reality.. with just a lousy diploma.. how to even consider yourself a executive?? Somemore in doing general admin, there is unlikely any chance of making it big... Advise you to go upgrade and earn a reputable degree so you can justify a better salary for a better job elsewhere..
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