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Originally Posted by susukl View Post
Im working in a insurance industry
tho my company give me a position of admin but i was asked to actually do executive duties and even sign off as 1 because i have the proper qualification.
I even have a namecard as Client Servicing Exe

i am a diploma holder, and have work in the company(SME) for close to 2 years.
now my salary after this year revision is only 2k.

I will be talking to my management regarding my salary tmr, but will need some help on how much i should really be getting.

Hope to look for some advise and guideline here...
Diploma starts off at 1.8k for pte sector on average, so your 1+ years exp at 2k is on par. What exactly is different between "executive" & "administrative" duties anyway?

Having a namecard or signing off as executive means nothing, many fresh degree grads these days are joining as Managers or AVP.
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