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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Last govtech con even they admit it ma. Is no choice cause need to reduce headcount

They should really reduce those GDS or indeed folks lo
indeed hired by govtech - salary amounts
ex-SG indeed office here. fired 5 months ago, govtech offered ~60 places to the office in may. here are the salaries offered per month to indeed people:
Grade E - 7,000 - 1 year
Grade F - 8250 - 2 year
Grade G - 9500 - 3 years
Grade H - 10750 - 4 years
Grade I - 12,000 - 5 years
also, YOEs are inflated: indeed SWE who worked for 9 months considered as 1 year.
i got friends in govtech - so i know the system. normal SWE takes around 4 years to reach G, and is only around 8500 monthly.

the ex-indeed are now in PIC department, not having any deliverables.

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