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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
u can ask them for the past FY, how much is their increment. i believe the $100 is the end of year increment. he has not added in those misc increments / salary adjustments during the year.

after 3 years can hit 4.7k? cant confirm, but i will say it won't be far off. if promoted within 2 yrs, will hit even faster. if not, then will take 3-4 yrs to hit that amount. a promotion increment will be about $300-$400.
i just quote a 2nd upper with NS [email protected] fresh grad = 3580

just an example
year 0, 2012---->3580
after 1 yr, 2013---->1.1x3580= 3938
after 2 yr, 2014---->1.1x3938= 4331
after 3 yr, 2015---->1.1x4331= 4765---->will hit 4.7k if no promotion(i suppose is average C performer), if got promotion will be 300-400 more, thus 5k -5.1k in 3 years..

hope my hypothesis is correct

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