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Dont be so attracted to higher position and pay.
It may not bring you good. Higher pay comes with higher responsibilities and more stress.
You might die young due to stress. Be happy with what you have. No need to be too ambitious.

You might want to focus on building your wealth instead of your career. This can make you happier in the long run. To build wealth, you should consider invsting in private property which can give you passive income.

I am a nobody in my company but I own several private properties, including a big terrace house. I am smart but dont like the office politics so I focus on wealth accumulation and charity work.

Originally Posted by Mid life crisis View Post
Dear experts,

I am in my mid-40s and now in a mid-life crisis.
I work as a manager in the back office of a financial institution.
I work well with others but due to nasty politics, I'm unable to climb higher.

I feel very down, everyday going to the office, knowing that I am not realizing my full potential. I feel like quitting, but with family obligations (mortgage, kids, parents, etc), I can't do that.

Changing to a new company is also not easy in this environment. I'm thinking of joining the teaching profession or perhaps become a real estate agent or financial planner.

Can any experts here help advise? Currently I'm earning $110k per annum. Would these jobs give me that much?

What would you do if you're in my situation?
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