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I never imagined tonight would bring news of a performance bonus. This past year has been an uphill battle, leaving me more isolated than I've ever felt. I've poured my heart and soul into my work, foolishly intertwining my entire self-worth with it. Now, as I contemplate bidding farewell, I realize there's no one to bid farewell to. The thought that nobody would even notice is disheartening. I yearn to have made a more significant impact, yet I feel like nothing more than a worthless cog in the machine. What am I striving for anymore? Is there any meaning to this endless cycle of disappointment and disillusionment?

Feeling adrift in a sea of uncertainty, the soaring cost of living deals another blow, leaving me questioning how anyone can endure in the long term. With a meager salary barely scraping the public expectations of 20k monthly salary, I'm mocked by my relatives, their judgment piercing deeper than any financial strain. My family bears the brunt of our circumstances, fractured by the unrelenting demands we face.

Colleagues only seem to notice me when they need more work, their superficial gestures of camaraderie magnifying my sense of isolation. And for what have I sacrificed so much? Everything. The toll of COVID blindsides me, stripping away my health. Coupled with all these factors, my inner calmness, my kindness, are disrupted, fracturing the bonds of kinship and love.

Each day feels like a battle against an invisible enemy, draining me of vitality and leaving me to ponder: is this the price we pay for mere survival?

My life is worth more than a C or D. Goodbye
Wa. If you already honestly strive very hard and all you get is a C, or D (if you did not make any mistakes). Then I think you should just go. Leave. Because it's very obvious teaching is not for you la. Instead of putting in so much and not getting back anything or any meaning, find what is meant for you in life.

Don't be a basketball player that forces himself to play football.
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