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You sound like you have the typical younger child syndrome. Do you still feel shadowed by your two older brothers success and now desperately trying to prove yourself?

Seems like you are v insecure. You feel left out. Hence, all the attention seeking actions described below.

Perhaps your posting of salary details here is just another way to get attention? Are you looking for reaffirmation? Wishing someone to tell you that you are very successful despite your mediocre history.

Your parents don't think you are failure. Parents love is the most unconditional love you are probably going to find on this earth. It is largely your own perception and your own feeling of inadequacy.


After PSLE, i went to Raffles like my 2 older brothers, but unlike my 2 older brothers, during Sec 4 + JC1 & JC2, i was busy chasing pussy. I got caught stealing, made a SCGS girl pregnant, almost expelled from ACJC for fighting...

I got only 3 A's compared to my brothers who both for 9 A1 for O-levels.
I got CDDE for my A-levels compared to my brothers who got AAAA 1S paper distinction and AAAA 2S paper distinction.

I couldn't get into the local universities even after appeal, and my 2 older brothers were in the Dean's list for NUS and NTU respectively.

In my family's eyes, i'm a total failure. I still feel that way sometimes.[/QUOTE]

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