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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
can you share how u got the interview in the 1st place?
this kinda job got put on adv in the newspaper?
The industry i'm in, it's like Oil Trading (not bunker trading), it's an Old Boy's Club. You need people to bring you into the circle. The circle is small, everyone moves around, and everyone knows everyone else in the industry by face.

You'll need to be good at what you do, or have a particular niche, or "carry balls" for 4-5 years before you can get a shot.

My selling point was that i was "relatively" good at what i did, and I am a 'banana'. White on inside, yellow on outside (so i can click with their working style). I'm more fluent in English than my non-native english speaking colleagues, I speak/write Mandarin, and i am business conversant in Thai and Southern Russian. Don't ask me to write either, though.
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