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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I just got offered by HTX (Engineer role, not Lead Engineer), XT6 (Technical Scheme).

Base: $7,200 flat (no nego, take it or leave it. Tried nego-ing for $7,500 but was rejected after 1 day by HR)
Mobile Allowance: 100$
No AWS (13th month), only have Civil Servant Bonus and Perf Bonus: around 2 months combined, according to HR.
Contract: 2 years contract.

Should I take?

Got 7 years of IT consulting related experiences, currently drawing $8,200 base monthly (Perm not contract role) with only 1 month Variable Bonus in private sector annually. It's like taking 1000$ paycut every month if I accept HTX offer. But I cannot tank my current coy management now, hence I applied HTX 2 months ago. I tried to nego for 7.5k flat but HTX rejected. They say $7,200 is already stretching their max budget for this grade (XT6) already.

Do you feel I am being lowballed? And can I know what is the pay range for XT6 in HTX for 7 years of related IT experiences. And why they cannot offer me XT7 grade with 7 years of related experiences?

Any laojiao in HTX can help to provide some insight? Thank you.
Doesn't sound like a good deal. Your peers at HTX with 7 years exp will likely be higher rank than you and earning more.

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