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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Are all firms auto promote/progress now? Last time when I was in Blue, not everyone progress from A1 to A2 automatically
You will get different answer depending on how you ask.

Letís put it this wayÖ is Primary One to Primary Six automatic?

Strictly speaking, the answer is No. because you still need to take exams, and pass.

But the success rate is like 99.99%. Among my friends no one retain before. But itís not completely unheard of for people to retain. You have to be quite lousy or offended a manager.

Historically, good performance alone will move you up from A1 to AM. Only AM to M1 is like PSLE where you see more people fail to make it.

In recent years we see quota become a thing. The firm needs to forecast and manage its manpower needs. So even if you do well, if they only need 100 Managers, and you rank 101, then too bad lor.

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