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It's been weighing heavily on my mind lately, and I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way. Especially during New Year, when everyone seems to be flaunting their achievements and comparing salaries, it hits harder. Why can't I even reach a five-digit salary? I pour my heart and soul into my work, sacrificing countless after-school hours and weekends for co-curricular activities, event plannings and execution, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. But in the process, I've inadvertently neglected my family for years, and the damage and fallout feels irreparable. Now, my personal life is in shambles, family pretty much gone, and work still demands more from me. I put my entire existence tethered to my job, and despite giving it my all, I'm constantly indirectly told it's not good enough. These thoughts have been consuming me, and I can't shake the feeling that life simply isn't worth living anymore. Am I the only teacher feeling this?
If you are looking for 5-digit salary, civil service is definitely not the right place. Even more so for farmers.

The only perk that civil service has, is job stability.

If you want more money, private sector is the way to go.

And no matter where you go, keep your worklife within what you are due. Everyone is replaceable, and working harder and longer not only doesn't really improve your career, it harms your health and family ties, which are irreplaceable.

If you think you can tahan, stay.

Otherwise, better to look for greener pastures. There are plenty out there.

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