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Default Number of Hours Worked? Others?

Most people who post here seem very focused on only the money part of the remuneration package.

I left a job in the private sector paying 10k/month (5-7 months bonus) for a job in the public sector (Stat Board) paying only 8k/month (so far quite consistent 3.5-3.75 months bonus). I took a 2k monthly salary pay cut as well as an annual bonus pay cut of 20-30k. So I lost around more than 30k a year.

However, in my previous private sector job, worked 6 days, started work at 8am and NEVER got home before 11pm, Sunday was my sleep and recover day. I was stressed, eating unwell, and did not have much time for my wife and kids. I encashed most of my leave because I couldn't finish my leave every year.

Now, in my stat board, I work 5 days a week, start work at 8.30am and leave work at 6pm (5.30pm on Friday)! My blood pressure is lower, and I even know my son's girlfriend's name now! Before, I did not even know my boy had a girlfriend! I went to my daughter's dance performance for the first time in her life and mine, and started swimming again for the first time in ages. My family had holidays together for the first time since going to Genting with my kids more than 10 years ago.

So, was a 150k to 170k private sector job worth it versus a 120k public sector job? The choice is pretty clear right? :-)
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