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Hi everyone, I am quite determined to leave my workplace this year or latest by next year but I need some advices here.

I'm currently a JG13 at my PHI, this is my 9th year. I joined this hospital as a JG13 (previously was from another industry with 5 years of working experience), but unfortunately, it is very hard to get promoted at my section. I have never been promoted before for the past 9 years. I don't foresee myself getting promoted to JG 14, at least not in the next 5 to possibly 10 years. I have seniors above me who has to be promoted first before I will even be considered for promotion.

My workplace is getting very toxic, I have a boss who screams at subordinates, a lot of double standards going on as well (Boss can make mistake but subordinates cannot make mistakes etc), environment is not nurturing and staff are not given opportunities and patience to learn and grow.

I'm already close to 40, if I plan to leave, I have to do it soon, it is now or never. If I can't find a suitable AHP position at other hospitals, likely I will try out admin roles but I am not sure whether pay and increment wise, will it be worse than AHP? I am also concerned about the fact that there won't be any pay increment if I jump from one PHI to another, will I be further shortchanging myself since I have already wasted 9 years of my precious time without any promotion?

Any advices are greatly appreciated..
NTFGH? a lot of double standard female directors there
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