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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Been reading this thread for a very long time. But I'm not from Big4 or even finance related industry.

It seems like some industries have this situation?

- Boomers and old Gen X promoting fast in the past and now occupying higher positions
- Boomers and old Gen X cannot promote any higher, refuse to resign or budge and choose to coast in their current position
- Work gets thrown down to new hires to fulfill KPI of higher positions
- Starting salary and progressive increments not keeping up with inflation
- Promotion of new hires getting delayed and slowed down
- Waves of resignations occurring only at the lower positions (those with 10 YOE or less) while the higher positions keep remaining the same
- Fewer and fewer headcount at the lower positions (to save labour cost), causing overwork for the remaining youngsters and a continuous death spiral of resignations
wait till the boat sinks lol then the top panic.
just hope ur still not on the boat when it sinks
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