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Originally Posted by lostleo View Post
Chances of MX scheme is unpredictable i wld say. I was once in stat board and I find it no different from statboard Div level & the Mx scheme. They just term it differently. Govt increment & the amount is small & slow as well.

Have you try negotiate with HR? Try negotiate with the HR for a higher payout than 3.6k.

Anyway If i am in ur situation, getting a 1.2k cut is a definite NO for me to change job.

Quote from a user in this forum:
"99% of all jobs suck, so it's always better to get a well paying job that sucks than one that sucks but doesn't pay well."

Eventually, is still your own decision. Good luck. (:
Yes $1.2 is alot! I spoke to hr she said its the best she can offer. Well I guess for mso is still ok but compared to my current salary alot of difference. I was thinking to try other government jobs but just afraid no chance at all. I have to do some soul searching. Tho money is not everything it is important
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