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Imagine you are the boss...1 employee just came in and only on 1 year contract...then not around for 4 months...basically only around for 8 months as a newbie

If the boss is kind, you'll probably get the lowest band of the average grade, which means minimal increment. May decide not to renew your contract after 1 year

If the boss is not so nice, you'll get a below average grade, which means the lowest increment. Definitely won't renew your contract.

Pray for a good boss I guess? Public sector advocate for people to give birth and all, but any superior can use other reasons to render you unnecessary if you don't hit KPI or produce results (regardless of whether its directly or indirectly due to your maternity leave).
thanks for the insights!! agree with the scenarios you have listed although they do know of my pregnancy when offering me the role. Should they not want to renew my contract, would I still get any PB (assuming my performance is actly decent during the months where iím working)?

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