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Default Advice greatly needed on ministry/statboard

Dear all, I'm writing this with a hopeful heart that someone will read this and give me valuable advice because this is urgent..

I have received two offers -one from a ministry and one from a statboard. I'm a fresh female grad from ntu with a biz degree second upper class hons. I received a verbal offer from the ministry 2 weeks ago but they have not officially offered me yet because it was pending "clearance" from the senior management. I like the job a lot but just this week I received an official offer from a statboard demanding that I give them an answer by tmr morning because they needed the person urgently.. I'm at a loss at what to do. I tried chasing the ministry officer but to no avail.

Can someone advice me on which offer should I take? Is there any cases of offers not going through after "clearance"? Because I'm afraid I don't have backup plans if I were to wait for the ministry and I fail clearance?

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