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Bobian sinkies are an honest bunch, treat them like dog until kpkb so much but still vote for them. Kpkb dont affect their $$$ but losing seats do. Same thing in audit, only a lack of staff like during covid can affect partners, all these audit dogs kpkb so much but body so honest never resign, the firms sure become even more daring. Interesting to watch next year 0.5 month bonus. Ha ha.
Low income is better than no income. Cant really go anywhere in accountancy. High earners out there are very experience. U b4 monkies 2 to 10 yoes think the world own you liao. Dont work like that lo. Good ones kick start the carreer after grads alrdy high earner and career path like alrdy set. Not like b4 clowns looking for exit opportunity. Lol
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