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Tbh i dunno wat kind of education these new batch of A1s have received in their uni/jc/poly cus i really simply dun understand how their brain works. I understand that this is their first time attending stockcount so i sacrifice my precious time arranging a call with them to go through step by step on what to do. Even ask them to take down notes and ask me questions. 30mins throughout the call everything say yes yes understand. Then on the stock count day keep spamming my phone and ask me this and that. Eh hello? How hard is stock take you tell me? When I was an A1, I donít even have a luxury of a senior holding my hand to walk me through. They just dump me the stock count sheet and ask me cab there and do all by myself. Stock count day they all MIA lo. Walao, nowadays as a senior, Iíll still have to babysit all these babiesÖ.
last time i kena fever still have to go down to do stocktake cause whole company waiting for me
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