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I miss the pre covid TKH era of IMDA. While TKH himself isn't a tech expert, at least he can think and analyse like a leader, and is open to alternative ideas. On the other hand, this LCH is...such an impostor. It's hard to imagine how did that guy manage to pass his scholarship interview.

Back then, IMDA was still able to attract people with real talents to join. It used to had people who were good enough for Govtech. Nowadays, barely anyone is interested to apply let alone join this place. Of those who joined, many quit less than a year later. Those who are left there or the recent new hires are just administrators doing a no prospects job.

I have many good memories of my time at IMDA which spans both the TKH and LCH eras. Unfortunately, I'm forced to leave this place that I once called my second home due to the state it has deteriorated to. I've always thought I would feel bitter if I left but somehow it feels liberating when I was finally out. MBA courses should have a case study on IMDA to examine how a change in leadership can lead to the downfall of an organisation.
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