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I support the part where u gan the jhk auditors in jan.
dont forget to give them things only on friday, so they have to work on weekend
and accumulate things before you give them. dont give them on piecemeal basis
if they send low level associate to talk to you, and they ask toopid questions just kpkb say want see the senior, so that the senior cannot slack and eat locals.
keep rushing them to do faster so that they cannot do properly

fk those malaysians that keep coming sg to steal our rice bowl
some jhb senior very cb one. they know you are attached to the engagement team for 1 week but will still overload you with work and expect you to follow up. the client was also quite shocked how come i have to tank so much stuff in 1 week. The senior asked me to follow up but i jitao bohiew her lol. knn, i everyday OT during that week still no enough ah
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