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Some people think joining the big 4, you get to network with the best minds. But let me tell you, you are wrong. 80% of new joiners are from SIT SIM and what not. Only those 2nd lower and below local uni will go big 4 because they failed to go anywhere else. So there is nothing to learn from these introverts. 100% of the experienced hires are JHK, can you imagine how they pass interviews with their atrocious english? Thats how low the bar it is to enter big 4 now. What do you have to gain from networking with them? All they do is force you to OT if not they will threaten to tell the manager. majority of the time the seniors are on teams chatting among themselves instead of actual work, that is because they over allocate out majority of the work to the fresh grads and intern. These JHK seniors don't even bother reviewing your awp before submitting to manager or partner, so you are really on your own. If you try to leave work on time, your senior will blackface and complain to manager when sh1t hits the fan. So don't expect any work life balance. These malaysians expect you u do work on weekends as well (especially if they live further up malaysia since its too inconvenient to go back). Its not that they are hardworking, its just that they have no commitments in singapore. Their sole objective is to come here and earn 3.5 to retire early. I can't say the same for you. Your exchange rate is 1:1 the highest it can ever go, your family and friends are here, your hobbies and me time are all important. So, there is no trade off by being here.
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