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I think for mediocre people, B4 audit is ok la. Y'all aren't high flyers in the first place, don't expect anything high paying or prestigious like scholar, doctor, lawyer, consultant, etc.

Can BTO, after 10 15 years sell and upgrade to condo, can raise 1 or 2 kids on double-income, good enough liao.

Just keep your head down and grind lor. JHK or not, CECA or not, at the end of the day, do your work to expectations, don't f++k up, collect your salary, get regular promotions, go back home spend time with your family.

Don't make your work your whole life or identity. Otherwise you'll become like the JHKs that y'all keep complaining about.

This advice is directed at the vast majority of auditors. Y'all know who you are. Average academics since young, government co-ed schools, mid-tier JCs like Pioneer or Serangoon, never top of class or top in A lvls.
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