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But why join accounting in the first place?

Most other fields donít have such requirement to study after graduating.

I can only think of Law which requires extensive study and experience to join the Bar, but that is a far more prestigious field.
Law partners starting 200k+ and 6-7 years can become partner already, but earnings potential can be 10x to 20x of audit MD. Earnings is % of deal size AND actual hours unlike audit after all.

Audit partner starting low 200k after like 15 years at least, local MD only 1m-2m. Own firm need to offer corpsec as well to earn more but no multiple 10m penthouse at NYC London Roppongi Sydney.

Source: relatives who are current partners in different fields advising the kids in our family what to get into. Accounting is one to avoid lol. Only do advisory if bo bian no other offers or as internship as stepping stone.
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