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Apart from Data Analytics tools , there are not much of difference in term of technology comparing performing audit during 20x0 and now.

These day even better, when most of the firm do not keep hardcopy audit file.

Whoever that in this industry are required to keep up with the requirements and demand of the industry such as changes in the auditing/accounting standards, new isqm/ frs ( that effectives), Sgx requirements.

If genZ do not like this industry, the number of practitioners in the futures will be lesser as the industry is not appealing to GenZ.

Each of the generation have their own fair share of stress and difficulties.

Do not complain later when all the practitioners in the future are foreigner.

Hopefully ISCA can do something

Btw, i am genY

This is just my view toward current GenZ
I rather **** jobs like these be all foreigners. Leave the good jobs to locals.
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