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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
All the old sinkies tong till partner level.

Youngster these day 1-2 year cry baby complain
did old sinkies lived in a technology era?
did old sinkies faced a VUCA world?


Gen z lives in a technology era. We learn more things in school compared to the past. (e.g. module adds in sustainability etc)
The jobs demands more from gen z as compared to the past.
30 years ago, if u have a degree, u will definitely get a good job.
Now? Degree first class local with CCA, leadership, awards also cannot get a decent job.
we face high stress due to high demands from employers and society.
Mental health is also increasingly important in gen z era.
we faced more than the boomers did.

i dont think it is fair by comparing the skin of orange and apple.
compare as a whole. u r a boomer i guess.

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