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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
complain non stop about jhk but keep voting PAP because muh HDB stonks. you clowns are the reason why "business-friendly" PAP keeps opening the floodgate to cheap foreigners.

Yes the PAP is 50% at fault. The other 50% is the big 4 fault.
FYI, i dont vote for PAP for complacency sake. No blank cheque

But u must realize if the flood gates are not opened, with an aging population similar to what japan is facing, we might not have as strong as an economy, without those JHK. Eventhough they deflate our salaries. And if big 4 were to increase our salaries so as to attact more locals, it would have been better. But big 4 refuse to, so that is why they resort to hiring JHK.

So at the end of the day its big 4 fault for choosing to bring JHK in and refusing to raise local salaries to attract locals instead.
However if you realize, our gov has been raising the requirement for EP. So big 4 have no choice but to raise. hehe. machaim point middle finger to partners in big 4
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