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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I think this is trolling, but if its real, I'll bite.

You do realize this is survivorship bias right? You're probably 1 out of 50 of your batch who made it to partner. You were in contention for the spot, because the other 49 people dropped out along the way.

Think about it. If everyone in your batch had been determined to stay on until partner to "see the lucrative gains" that you promise, will that magically increase the business case for your firm to promote all 50 of you as partners? No, not one bit.

The firm would still have to find ways to kick the other 49 out, or make them leave. There is only enough slots for X number of partners.

Big4 is based on a pyramid structure, like the SAF. All regular officers hope to reach Colonel and Brigadier General, but the majority will be forced out or forced to hentak kaki because there are only so many slots.

So your advice is literally worthless and totally backward looking. It has zero forward looking value.
Not exactly, I am not the original poster.

As long as you rise up to SM level and you can carry and grow your portfolio (increase fees or bring new clientele), partner track is always there. There isn't a fixed numbers of headcount for partners. As long as you can bring in revenue, there is a possibility.

However, let's face it, many people their career end point (at best) is Senior Manager. And for those that cannot even make it to SM, they probably would have figured out themselves at Managerial lvl and moved out to commercial roles, of which they may value more on family time and parenting and less on workload.

And there are also those who join big4 for the brand name, leave after 3-4years. Cannot take the brunt of what they chose to study. Then go commercial lor. In commercial, there is a fixed number of senior leadership position. (e.g. 1 CFO / Group CFO) follow by Deputy CFO (which is rare) then Finance Director / Finance Controller (can be a few if it is a group of companies).

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