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That's interesting. EO salary is supposed to be higher than MX scale, at least at the start. At least when I compare with my batchmates at MOH.

Then again, if you are both 2 year in service, and graduated from NUS, your EO friend would still be in NIE having completed Contract teaching. GEO2(UT) salary is quite stagnant throughout this period. Their next major increment would be GEO2(T) which should see your salaries start matching up and even more so at GEO3 which was given a major boost during salary revision.

All these... either you're not making a fair comparison and trying to rile up unhappy sentiments on a platform where you know teachers are reading or you're just a troll who is just **** at producing fake data.
You left out contract teaching. Common these days to do contract teaching for a year, followed by 1.5 years of PGDE.

Thw MX fellow would have already worked for 2.5 years, and gotten the cohort MX13 to MX12 promotion at the 1 year mark. Meanwhile the GEO is still GEO2 untrained.

The point about GEO having good booster is irrelevant, because MX too had the same rate of increment, and in addition, they had their increment earlier.
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