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Accountancy will end up like Civil Engineering. CDD can get in liao since most people are avoiding it like the plague. Accounting is dead boring, need to work long hours and low pay as the industry is filled with JHK who depress your salary. The biggest joke is still need to take smlj SQP to be a professional. Only kumgong then join.
Govt didnt do **** about engineering and just say engineer pay not low what, see SWE 20k salary. They're gonna do the same with auditors and say accountant pay not low what, see CFO 30k salary.

Brought to you by our PM-in-waiting Mr Lawrence "accounting cannot get talent bc it's uncool and totes not the low pay long hours" Wong, also known as the guy who slashed housing supply in half and caused our housing prices to skyrocket. We're turbo****ed.


**** this ****, who doesn't like a cozy 9-6 boring (aka non-firefighting) office job? It's what most of us are grinding for.
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