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Really appreciate to all who shared their HQ experiences and it really strengthen my resolve to apply for HQ posting next year as I would really like to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. Really excited about being able to try my hands on visioning and planning which like you rightly pointed out are not exactly evident when in schools.
It would be good fun! I enjoyed my time in HQ very much even though it was very challenging. Wanted to point out that strategic work exists in HQ, but it is also present in school to some degree. Further, though a lot of HQ work pieces are strategic and require long-term perspective, there are also not-so-exciting pieces of work in HQ which must still be done well - like being the secretariat for meetings, managing media queries, or managing emails late into the evening. Just wanted to paint an accurate picture.

Enter with an open mind and a humbled heart and you'll gain much!
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