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Spent 3 yrs in SGH as a Senior Patient Service Associate, not sure what rank (NN8?) which is nothing cos everyone also start as SPSA.

Managed to climb to PSAE on my 3rd yr (2 consecutive A grading, one A*) .

My starting pay was $2.4K (diploma only) with Recruit Express, then after 1 year became $2.5K. During Covid they bumped us up steadily so that by the time I left to go private after 3 yrs I was at $3.1K.

The reason why I left was because my friend had a lobang with her private doctor so i joined them for $3.5K, which if I stayed in SGH, would have taken me another 2 years of increment.

benefits is good, ShieldPlan paid for, Flexi $1k-$3k based on years of service

Now, I have another lobang to go back to public, this time NUHS as Medical Informatics (IT?)

I see glassdoor reviews saying the range should start at $4k but I'm not sure if I can command that seeing as I dont have degree. I did start a CompSci degree but only graduate in 2025/26.

Should I try propose?

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