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Yup, overall it was a positive experience, as it was a good 3-year break from teaching. I don't wanna reveal my division, but what I did at HQ was pretty different from school stuff. Despite this, I don't feel handicapped as a classroom teacher per se, because as a SH now, I'm judged by my sch-wide and lvl-wide impact. I think I brought value to my current sch in terms of my critical thinking and communication with various depts as well as SLs. Not to diss KPs who rose up through sch, but they tend to be more skillful in action management rather than visioning, aligning and communication - core skills that I picked up at HQ. I'm also lucky cos my SLs value my experiences and skills as an ex-HQ officer.

If you're a SH now, you can easily be a HOD after your HQ stint (if career progression is what you value).
Really appreciate to all who shared their HQ experiences and it really strengthen my resolve to apply for HQ posting next year as I would really like to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. Really excited about being able to try my hands on visioning and planning which like you rightly pointed out are not exactly evident when in schools.
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