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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
2018 - $2,500
2019 - $2,800 (increment)
2020 - $3,200 (increment)
2021 - $3,900 (changed job in Mar)
2022 - $4,400 (increment in June)
2022 - $5,200 (increment in Oct again - company recovered from Covid)
2023 - $6,000 (increment)
2023 - $8,000 (changed job)

Local diploma holder with cGPA 2.4, was looked down upon on and told by family i would be stuck with a $1.8k - $2k job for the rest of my life and have no future compared to my brother with NUS degree earning $10k. But I worked my ass off to prove to them within 5 years.

Salary is average compared to most here but I'm content with it. Can still splurge on myself from time to time. Gonna move to Canada next year still. This country is too competitive and stressful.
Cool story bro 💀

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